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Achieving Excellence
Recognising that achieving excellence in respect of Safety, Quality, Environment, Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S), and Security is the paramount need for success in business, India Steamship gives the highest importance to these aspects and is committed to:
Following safe practices in all aspects of ship operation and providing safe and healthy working environment;
Complying with Flag and Port State legislations and other requirements, in respect of Safety, Security, Quality, Environment and OH&S, as applicable to the Company’s services;
Understanding and meeting the needs and requirements of customers and striving to meet their expectations;
Improving the operational, technical & commercial performance of the Company’s vessels
Preventing accidents, illnesses, damages, losses and deficiencies in the company’s services;
Striving to ensure zero spills to the sea and zero incidents;
Paying adequate attention to the selection and development of shore-based and shipboard personnel so that they perform the entrusted tasks in a competent manner.
Enhancing skills of shore based and shipboard personnel on a continual basis for responding to emergency situations related to health & safety, environment and security;
Zero tolerance towards pollution of the sea by oil, garbage, sewage or any other harmful substances;
Controlling air pollution and reducing, recycling and reusing all types of wastes as far as practicable;
Conserving natural resources including energy;
Maintaining an optimum inventory of spare parts based on critical equipment and system redundancy identified on the vessels;
Building mutually beneficial relationship with all stakeholders including shipboard and shore personnel, suppliers, agents and customers;
Improving the performance and effectiveness of the Safety, Quality, Environmental and OH&S Management Systems on a continual basis;
Ensuring that Senior Officers have appropriate experience and training on the particular type and size of ships to which they are employed and encouraging them to always lead by example;
Providing career development opportunities for Junior Officers with the aim to recruit Senior Officers from within the Company where-ever possible.
Providing adequate resources and training to the personnel, whether shore based or on board ships to meet the requirements of this policy.
It is emphasised that all personnel understand this policy and do everything possible to implement the same at all times.
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